A collection of 8 poems and parody poems in the form of an entertainment in words and music inspired by a visit to Berlin in 1999, ten years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Deutschland - after the hymn Glorious things of thee are spoken (Newton/Haydn)

Charlie - after the music-hall song Champagne Charlie (Lee/Leybourne)

Monument - based on the slow movement of Beethoven's Eroica Symphony.

Wolfgang - original poem

Das Mauerlein - after Lily Marlene (Leip/Schulze)

Alexander Platz - original poem

Reichstag - original poem

The Linden Tree - after Der Lindenbaum (Schubert/Müller)

The word Schnauze literally means snout. In common parlance Berliner Schnauze is a form of slang used by the inhabitants of the city, particularly in the former eastern sector. It is characterized by outspoken, coarse and bad-taste humour.

Full text in English (without music) available direct from the author in limited edition as a 16-page printed A5 booklet fully illustrated with fourteen full colour photographs and detailed explanatory footnotes.

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