Audio-visual work and sound sculpture

Locations I, II, III, and IV 

an amplified live-sound environment 1970 rev. 1973. 

Presentations at Nottingham Midland Group Gallery, Chapter Cardiff Arts Centre and Aston University Arts Centre.


participatory electronic sound installation (1972-1977)

This Could Happen to You 

participatory audio-visual installation (1974-1976) Presented at the Ikon Gallery (Birmingham), Mappin Gallery (Sheffield), DLI Museum (Durham), Gulbenkian Studio (Newcastle) Hull Arts Centre, Aberdeen City Art Gallery.


12 audio-visual cycles on the myth of Oedipus (unfinished) 

Earth Cycle, Moon Cycle, Uranus Cycle, Pluto Cycle, and Equinox Cycle first presented 1977 Sunderland Arts Centre, and subsequently on a national tour at DLI Museum(Durham), Air Gallery (London), Aberdeen City Art Gallery and Spectro Arts Workshop (Newcastle).

This Could Happen to You (2011) 

revised computerised version reconstructed for Ikon Gallery 1970s retrospective exhibition.